Welcome to Kafnu.

Start your own journey of discovery.

Beyond being a lifestyle club

We'll connect and expose you to a world of ideas and opportunities in an inspired community enabling you to be all you can be and more.

Mentorship in any direction.

Our aim? To be a place where you can Live, Work, Play, Learn, Grow. Opening your locus of possibility. Progressing and accelerating your life journey. Enabling you to be all you can be -and more- for yourself, and the world.

Founding Quote

“Most of us reach a point in life where we realise we are designed -and destined- to be more.Not necessarily richer, smarter, faster or higher, but bigger. Life is not meant to be binary. “I am this or that”. It’s an adventure. A journey of discovery. To be sacred. Enjoyed. And shared. KAFNU for me is more than a place or ‘club'. It is a portal through which we can broaden ourselves and our experiences in the company of other travellers. Where we can leave behind one self, and create, through new experiences, ideas and connection, our true ‘selves’. Colourful. Curious. Caring. Multi-faceted. ALIVE. As our worlds get smaller, and our place in it less defined, I invite you to come to KAFNU, to start your own journey of discovery, made possible by the one great truth: there is more to life, and it’s waiting for you.”Anand Nadathur, Founding Member

Inspired by a Village

Kafnu takes its name from a hamlet nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. A place where adventurers reflect, rejuvenate, share insights and stories about their personal journeys with the like-minded, before their ascent to the summit.

Kafnu goes beyond traditional co-working spaces. Each Kafnu is designed as a blended concept from the ground up. Spaces offer an organic mix of work/play/learn/rest segments that encourage creative development for the individual but equally important as a community.

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