23 February 2018,
Kafnu Hong Kong

Next Story Group Unveils Aquascapes at Kafnu Hong Kong

Designed by Award-Winning Hong Kong Aquascape Artist Dave Chow to Enhance Connection with Nature and Creativity

23th February 2018 – The real-life social network for creatives and entrepreneurs, Kafnu, celebrates the unveiling of three aquascape installations at Kafnu Hong Kong, designed by award-winning aquascape designer, Dave Chow.

Kafnu Hong Kong opened in October 2017 as a blended lifestyle space where a new generation of entrepreneurs, artists, and companies can contribute to a new creative ecosystem. Named after a Himalayan village, Kafnu integrates the best aspects of living, working, playing, learning, and resting.

Central to the inspiring and organic environment upon which the Kafnu community thrives is a biophilic and feng shui design ethos. As the world becomes more digitally-connected and isolated, biophilic design enhances creativity, improves well-being, and inspires real world connections and balanced living. Kafnu commissioned Hong Kong-based aquascape designer, Dave Chow, to impart a visual journey, intentionally bringing nature into the space, blending indoor and outdoor and nurturing a love of place.

Akin to gardening and sculpture in water, aquascape is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium. Although the primary aim of aquascaping is to create an artful underwater landscape, considerable thought is also given to the technical aspects of tank maintenance and the growth requirements of aquatic plants.

“When you create an aquascape, it’s not simply about creating an ecosystem.  You need a differentiator.  For example, when creating a design or drawing a picture, there needs to be a story behind it” explains Dave Chow.

“At the beginning there were two aquariums.  After hearing the comments from the Kafnu Feng Shui Master, we needed to add another tank, to be situated near the glass window with the sea view,” Chow continues.

The aquascapes by Dave Chow at Kafnu Hong Kong include:


A 2.4 meter aquascape welcomes members at the entrance.

“Normally we call this Xuanguan. Placing an aquarium at Xuanguan has a Feng Shui function. It separates the space but doesn’t conceal it completely. It creates an inviting feel. That’s why I picked a design based on Chinese landscapes like the stunning scenery in Guilin. It creates a welcoming appearance to customers entering the space. I created a vanishing point around its golden point which brings about a visual focal point. The visual focal point sits on the left side of the tank while the entrance is on the right side of the tank so the focal point will draw you to the entrance generating an inviting atmosphere.” Says Dave Chow.

“Hidden Dragon”

A 3.8 metre aquascape, one of the largest aquatic plant aquascapes in Hong Kong, serves as the fourth wall to Kafnu’s board room, appropriately named “Aqua”.

“I used things like branches and rocks to imitate a natural environment. Vaguely you can see two Chinese dragons. I’ve been very fond of this topic in recent years because for the Chinese, dragons are a symbol of good fortune. Two Chinese dragons hiding in the natural environment, symbolizes ‘Hidden Dragon, and this communicates that inside this environment there are lots of hidden treasures. Twisting branches are intended to resemble the movement of Chinese dragons, or as Morris Sim, CEO of Kafnu told me, the sky bridges in Hong Kong.  I had never considered the bridges before but I do see the resemblance now.” explains Chow.

 “Ebb and Flow”

A 1.4 x 1.1 metre aquascape located near the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Victoria Harbour.

“I used the design of a tropical forest, creating the sense of waves balancing and echoing the elements from the view outside”.  Says Chow.


Kafnu is set to expand aggressively over the next several years and is targeting major gateway cities across Asia-Pacific both for hub and spoke models. Following the opening of Kafnu Taipei in January 2018, Bangalore, Sydney, Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh City are all due to launch in the same year.

For membership information, please visit Kafnu.com or stop by Kafnu Hong Kong between 8AM – 8PM to find out more.


About Kafnu

Kafnu is a real-life social network, integrating the best aspects of living, working, playing, learning, and recharging. In essence Kafnu provides a physical, intellectual and social launch pad for individuals and the larger community to create and construct. Drawing inspiration from its namesake village at the foot of the Himalayas, Kafnu builds a community through empowering and connecting entrepreneurial minded individuals to accelerate personal and professional growth and achievements.


About Next Story Group

Next Story Group designs, manages and markets hotels and urban spaces. Seeing each real estate asset as a living ecosystem, the group optimises each space’s design and performance based on customer demand. With experienced leaders in design, marketing, operations and emerging technologies, Next Story Group adopts a holistic approach to each space it manages, future proofing its owners’ investments. The group’s brands include Next Hotels & Resorts, Kafnu, Brand Karma and Virsa. For more information: www.nextstory.com


For further information please contact:

Linda Petrie, Petrie PR (Hong Kong) +852 9082 6919

Tania Joslin, Petrie PR (Singapore) +65 9320 6166

Email: [email protected]

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