18 October 2017,
Kafnu Hong Kong

Next Story Group Launches New Business Model With Kafnu Hong Kong

A social network created and designed for the real world


Hong Kong, 18 October 2017: Next Story Group opened Kafnu Hong Kong at Kerry Hotel on 3rd October. The commercial model behind Kafnu is two-fold: it offers investors, operators and developers the opportunity to bridge the gap between the flourishing sharing economy and traditional sole-purpose business enterprises.

On the customer side, companies will be able to reduce cost in high rent markets by using Kafnu as satellite offices. In addition, scientifically backed research confirms an increase in productivity and job satisfaction of employees’ due to variable, socially inspired settings.


What is Kafnu

Kafnu is a real-life social network, integrating the best aspects of living, working, playing, learning, and recharging. In essence, Kafnu provides a physical, intellectual and social launch pad for individuals and the larger community to create and construct. It bridges the gap between individual effort and community resources.

While the sharing economy has made tremendous strides in recent years in disrupting traditional businesses and impact profits, Kafnu will allow developers to take full advantage of the power of collaboration supplementing but not interfering with their core business.

Shared spaces are designed to foster collaboration among peers and mentors while providing room for independent progression. Biophilic principles blend with urban design to enhance performance and personal development. Distinctive services and resources support a live-work-play approach to reach sustainable success. Kafnu provides curated and organically evolving experiences. All Kafnu offer professional support, mentorship and guidance to its members if and when needed. Unlike its competitors, each Kafnu is created as a blended concept or ecosystem from the ground up.

In a recent article for Harvard Business Review ‘Work and the Loneliness Epidemic – reducing isolation at work is good for business’ former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy argues: ‘Despite our increasing connectedness, society is seeing rising levels of loneliness. This epidemic is not only harming people’s health, it’s also making workers less productive and engaged at work. To improve the workplace, companies need to focus on building social connections. Our understanding of biology, psychology, and the workplace calls for companies to make fostering social connections a strategic priority.”


Kafnu Spokes and Hubs

Kafnu offers two distinct types of space depending on the location and management or operations agreement as well as the available space. Spokes are generally the smaller outlets ideal to be incorporated into larger existing spaces such as hotels or malls. Hubs are freestanding larger entities that will have additional bespoke services on offer. Designs differentiate by location and the type of customer in that specific location. Kafnu believes in ‘localising’ its spaces but there are a number of common denominators throughout all operations such as striking artwork, aquascapes, feng shui elements, ‘digital runways’, outdoor spaces, rest areas, top of the line technology, soundproof phone booths for privacy, pantries and food & beverage services. Free services in all operations include: Wi-Fi, pantry (coffee, tea, water), a set number of printing/scanning. Other services, such as renting a sleeping pod are paid on-demand.

Kafnu will also provide a number of services through partnerships (on local and global levels) in categories such as training, finance, accounting, tax, legal, retail and transport. These partnerships will bring “big company” resources and exclusive discounts to Kafnu members who are individual creative minds and SMEs. Marketing services are available at member-exclusive rates through Brand Karma, Kafnu’s sister company.


Development and expansion

The Kafnu brand was announced in June 2017 and Kafnu Hong Kong was the first to open in October 2017. Kafnu Taipei is confirmed to start operation in December and Bangalore, Sydney, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh City and Colombo are all due to launch in 2018.

“I see Kafnu as an opportunity for asset owners to future-proof their businesses as we can adapt quickly to changing market circumstances and audiences,’ said Morris Sim, Chief Marketing Officer of Next Story Group. ‘We so strongly believe in the concept that we currently have over 10 spaces in development in major cities around Asia Pacific. Early return of investment figures suggest an attractive option for developers.”

Kafnu Hong Kong and Kafnu Taipei are leased spaces and operated by Kafnu. Future management agreements, joint ventures and partnerships are under consideration and will be individually assessed. Kafnu Hong Kong has a symbiotic partnership with Kerry Hotel Hong Kong offering cross referrals and reciprocal commercial benefits.

Kafnu is set to expand aggressively over the next several years and is targeting major gateway cities across Asia-Pacific both for hub and spoke models. Certain cities may have multiple locations depending on the business environment, needs and size of the city. Kafnu is specifically interested in the creative media and technology hubs in Asia. Target cities include among others Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Often cities may be ‘twinned’ if there is a natural affiliation between two business centres, for example: Hong Kong/Taipei or Singapore/Kuala Lumpur.


For further information please contact:

Petrie PR:

Linda Petrie, Petrie PR (Hong Kong) +852 9082 6919

Tania Joslin, Petrie PR (Singapore) +65 9320 6166

Email: [email protected]


About Kafnu

Kafnu is a real-life social network, integrating the best aspects of living, working, playing, learning, and recharging. In essence Kafnu provides a physical, intellectual and social launch pad for individuals and the larger community to create and construct. Drawing inspiration from its namesake village at the foot of the Himalayas, Kafnu builds a community through empowering and connecting entrepreneurial minded individuals to accelerate personal and professional achievements. For more information please visit: www.kafnu.com


About Next Story Group

Next Story Group designs, manages and markets hotels and urban spaces. Seeing each real estate asset as a living ecosystem, the group optimises each space’s design and performance based on customer demand. With experienced leaders in design, marketing, operations and emerging technologies, Next Story Group adopts a holistic approach to each space it manages, futureproofing its owners’ investments. The group’s brands include Next Hotels & Resorts, Kafnu, Brand Karma and Virsa. For more information: www.nextstory.com

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