The Kafnu Community

Bridging the gap between individual effort and community resources

Kafnu is named after a village in India at the base of the Himalayas. Visitors come to the village to meet with fellow travellers and explorers to start their treks into the mountains.

Just like travelers, adventurers, backpackers, and explorers begin their Himalayan treks from Kafnu, so entrepreneurs, artists, and creators start and fulfil their personal and professional journeys from Kafnu.

Our community managers

hong kong

Pico Ho

I’m a listener with respect and empathy. I also go hiking and camping with friends while we are free. If there’s an obstacle in front of you, I will be the one who stands right next to you and we solve it together.

hong kong

Karl Li

I am critical about things and always play the devil’s advocate role in the team. My favourite book is "From 0 to 1". It inspired me a lot and made me love creating new things.