Kafnu is a small village at the foot of the Himalayas. In this village, travelers gather to restock supplies, assemble groups, and prepare for their climb. It is a community where people share their passions and interests, exchange information, and encounter unexpected opportunities.

Our shared workspace service captures the spirit of Kafnu. It is a place for everyone to collaborate, inspire and learn. It is a community of creators with shared vision for innovation; a place for collaboration and productivity. Together, we believe we will reach the peak of success and performance.

Come to Kafnu. Work here. Live here. Fulfill your dreams here.

Kafnu is a fun and energetic community for working and living.

A wide variety of options are available in Kafnu. Individuals or small teams can enjoy an ideal working space with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Kafnu also provides desirable living spaces. From our social lounge to our open kitchen to the fitness room, we offer relaxing spaces for your needs.

Talk freely with other members or work without disturbance. No worries of paying rent for expensive office spaces, being distracted at home, or trying to find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and power outlets.


Kafnu offers a variety of spaces to fulfill your needs. We provide plenty of office equipment and amenities so members can work with the utmost comfort and convenience.

Working Space (May vary depending on location)

  • Hot Desk (non-reserved seat): Choose your favorite seat and start developing your possibilities and ideas.
  • Dedicated Desk: The exclusive seat will be the base of your new business.
  • Personal Studio: Enjoy your private studio space and work comfortably and productively without distractions.
  • Private Offices: Exclusive offices for innovative teams to work and collaborate.
  • Meeting Room :Each meeting room is equipped for your next brainstorming and discussion session.
  • Soundproof Phone Booths: The private spaces are perfect for making important calls and video conferences. Conduct discussions freely in privacy without disturbance from your colleagues.
  • Recording / Photo Studio: Each studio is equipped for recording, photography, and video production.

Other Spaces (May vary depending on location)

  • Restaurant: No need to go outside, enjoy your meal in Kafnu.
  • Rooftop Bar: Have a drink and enjoy the sunshine while soaking up the amazing view.
  • Gym: Kafnu offers a variety of fitness courses. Work out with your personal trainer on your fitness routine. Get your body and mind moving!
  • Event Space: A large open space suitable for your next big event.
  • Accommodation: Stay and recharge!
  • Whisky Bar: Enjoy a drink in solitude or company.
  • Lounge: Lay back on our cozy lounge sofa and chat with other members!
  • Open Kitchen: If you’re hungry, why not make yourself a sandwich?


Member Network
Join Kafnu members today and connect with the world.

Membership rights and privileges:

Membership Network: You will meet various creative talent and experts from different industries at Kafnu. Membership is open to a global network of creators from various industries. Whether you’re at your local location or travelling to a Kafnu abroad, you can meet other inspiring and creative individuals.

Exclusive Kafnu App: Eat, Play, Work hassle-free all on one App.

Other Services (May vary depending on location)

Kafnu offers a full range of work tools and business services, including printers, scanners, fax, copy machines, stationary, high speed internet, mail service, coffee and drinks, accounting services, marketing services, etc. Everything you need right here – Your only focus should be your work.

High Speed Internet

Printer & Scanner

Coffee & Drinks

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